Why Teach Our Children to Swim?

We are very lucky to live and work in the Torbay and South Devon area. With its vast countryside and stunning coastline, the bay has natural beauty to rival anywhere in the world.  Unfortunately, whilst living in a beautiful seaside resort has many benefits, we also face the dangers that come with living by a large body of water on a day to day basis.

With rapidly changing tides and invisible currents,  the sea is a potential death trap. If our children, or ourselves for that matter, can’t swim, then lives are at risk. It is essential that our children are taught how to swim, be that through a swim school such as ourselves or by other means.


By learning to swim, we can enjoy all of the benefits that life by the sea, here in Torbay, has to offer.  Pastimes such as boating, surfing, rock climbing, fishing or kayaking all become far safer once we have established a level of competency in the water. As a parent, give yourself peace of mind, know that your child is safe in the water, whilst allowing your child to take part in activities that would otherwise be impossible or too hazardous.

At H2O, we make the process learning to swim as fun and engaging as possible, whilst preparing you or your child for life by the sea.  For more information on arranging swimming lessons for yourself or your children, where ever you are in Torbay or South Devon, please get in touch with H2O Swim Academy and Consultancy.

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